How Can Purchase Power Destroy The Business?

I just want to talk about some examples, no names, because I don’t want to offend anyone.

First – two restaurants in our city. The same kind of meals. Ok. The same dishes. The same position of the things in the table. Almost in the same street.

Second – another restaurant. Opened recently. It doesn’t seem like a restaurant. Strange kind of lights. Saturday night in downtown, no people in there.

Third – when I started to work in a balcony, attending people my boss explained to me how important was a smile to our clients. Even if we are not a typical smile person, is very easy to be kind.


What is worrying me?

Nothing. Probably I am just worried without reasons. But I believe:

  • The valorization of a place came from differentiation and not from copy and paste. If the neighbor does it well, we want to do it better. Just saying.
  • Today, the purchasing power is higher. There are more customers and so, businesses that would not stay alive one month, are now open one or two years before close. It seems to me like people who open a business, sometimes even don’t study the market or the future clients. They just want to do something nice.
  • Sometimes when I buy something in a shop, I feel just like a number. Employees (or business owners) just treating clients not too bad to don’t receive one star on Facebook. And it seems like they really don’t care about the client. They even don’t care about client loyalty. They know if one client goes away angry, there are some more.

These are some general aspects and I know not everyone or every business are like this. But I think since the purchasing power is higher, there are more spaces random where the client is not the focus.

I just have heard about an economic cycle.


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