Fewer Hours. Greater Efficiency. The Secret for Future Jobs?

This is not a completely new theme.

Who never heard about companies where nobody works on Friday afternoon?

Yesterday, in a Portuguese site, TVi24, was presented a case about a company in New Zeeland. This company started to work one day less per week.

This remembered me about a print screen I kept on my phone – «Could you get all your work done in less than eight hours?», Financial Times.

In that case, one of the managers, due to personal problems, started work five hour a day. What does he note? The same work he before did in eight hours, now done in five hours. The company decided to try this five hours method in other areas of the company. Same result!

This is not a new idea but is a hard step. This is a process that should be tested and monetarized. For example, this company opted to do this kind of schedule only in summer.

What were the results? A great production, fewer work hours, more free time, happier people.


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