How a Futsal Game Against Boavista FC Can Teach You About Positive Thinking

I was eleven years old and I was part of Baguim do Monte futsal team. We had an epic game against Boavista FC (in Portugal, a with very good futsal team), at that time in the first position. The name was enough to make us scared. Our coach, André, talked to us in the last training session before the game, said we were a very good team too and encourage us to do something different – «After you fall asleep, imagine yourself doing great passes combinations between you and scoring amazing goals». For me, it becomes a recurrent practice, despite I didn’t know the true mining or value of that. 4-2, we lost that game but we played very well. We didn’t win the championship but we won the main tournament of the season (Thank you, André).

Some years later I read a book about sales that explains the power of our thinking: if you imagine something, your brain doesn’t make a difference between what we imagine and what we actually live. Is it true? Please think about a fear you have and see the reaction on your body.

In this way, we can start thinking about how can we put our brain working for us. Of course, you can not just stay on your sofa thinking. You need to act. But thinking about this, we allow our brain knows that what we really want is possible to happen.

So, million dollars question: positive or negative thinking?

If we imagine ourselves doing what we really want, improve the chances; when we think we don’t decrease the chances. It creates a lack of motivation and big difficulties to develop strategies to make it possible.

Making a small research you can find a lot of videos and articles about this. (For this theme I would advise you Bob Proctor). Some of them are just opinions. But try is just free!


Photo: Peter Fogden, Unsplash.

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