Three Great Speakers to Follow

I follow some motivational speakers ever as I can.

Some of them talk more about business and others about lifestyle.

  • Eric Thomas – Eric Thomas was the first I started following. He was born in Chicago and lived in Detroit. There, he dropped out oh the high school and lived homeless for two years. On those times he knew a preacher who helped him to turn around, find a job and get back to school. He did a Master and a Ph.D. Now is one of the best motivational speakers. His idea is «If you really want, you can do it». «When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then, you’ll be successful.»-
  • Bob Proctor – Maybe he is best known because he is part of the book «The Secret». He believes and makes us believe in the «Law of Attraction». «Visualize», «Decide» and «Believe» are the keywords. Actually, he leads seminars around the world.
  • Anthony Robbins – Tony Robbins is just incredible. He spent the last decades studying successful people. Wich is their habits? How they think? What they do differently? In «The Tony Robbins Podcast», available on Spotify, he presents interviews with great entrepreneurs.


There are much more motivational speakers; as Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown or Brian Tracy.

Each of them has their own ideas about how to feel good about yourself. Maybe they complete each other. Seach a little, they have a lot of free content online.

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