Can you surf your city? With Bio Boards, yes, you can do it!

I took my bicycle and rode near the river. I stopped in Gaia, near Salgueiros, where you can see fishermen and seagulls. I went to interview Ricardo, who started Bio Boards.

In that part, the river joins the sea. You are near a lot of beaches, and in Porto, the beach is a synonym of the surf.

Ricardo Marques knows the sea very well because he growth around there. He also knows the wind and the waves. Well, sometimes there are no waves. How can a surfer surf without waves?

When Ricardo was studying Environment Engineering he decided to go to Brazil to do his thesis.  It was around there that the inspiration came. Skateboards. Not just skateboards sorry. Skateboards where you can feel yourself like when you’re surfing. Better? They are made with cork.

He came back to Portugal and started developing his project in UPTEC. I think Ricardo has a great characteristic that made him an entrepreneur – he didn’t know the same about engineering, design, business deals, marketing, communication, and finances. But he accepted the challenge and studied everything until he became capable to drive his own business. Bio Boards was born.

So, we are talking about a skateboard, with three wheels, and with it, you can simulate surf. Yes, you really can surf your city with Bio Boards. What really can make the difference here, is the material. Portugal produces cork, so it is a good material to deal.

This is a taught market to get into because there are high barriers. You probably know some brands that already produce skates, surfboards, and even some boards to simulate surf. No reason to give up. Ricardo is producing «green» boards, almost with nontoxic products.

Bio Draco, Bio Besil, Bio Kamai, Bio Babe, Bio Fun and Bio Topgun are the available models – take a look!

Since early, Bio Boards are working in partnership with All in Surf (now, mOceansense), and together they are creating sensors to evaluate in real time the performance of people using the boards.

Ricardo is a real entrepreneur – he grabs his idea and, although all the adversities, although his lack of knowledge about some areas, he just kept going. He know this is a hard path during which he doesn’t always win. But I understand one important thing – the risk worth. He is learning a lot and catching opportunities, for example, he was presenting Bio Boards around Europe and the United States.

Visit the website and know more about this amazing boards!


Este slideshow necessita de JavaScript.

Photos by Pedro Mendes, on the Facebook page of Bio Boards.

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