Waking up the brand – Carlsberg

The Carlsberg Group was established in 1847, in Denmark and is one of the leading brewery groups.

Talking about Portugal, all we knew Carlsberg but today is more than that – the brand is present. The brand is awake!

I think this is important because we really can understand some steps. I remember two and I think they’re simple but important points of the process of the brand activation:

  • Carlsberg launched a video where show its own identity –  where are Carlsberg from? How those people live? A short video, showing the happiness and the lifestyle of Denmark people.
  • Carlsberg started answering comments in its Facebook page. People who live comments feel like part of the brand.
  • The brand started to post about real places and current events in Portugal.

Today I see people feeling Carlsberg as a real choice, they are making some noise, they are near the people and I think this means good results when we talk about sells.

Watch the video here.

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