Where the Hell are the Leaders?

I would like to start with this image


Until you can be the leader of a project, probably you will have a boss, a chief or even a colleague that thinks is also a chief.

Forget. you just have to bear it.

But I think is important reflects on this aspects and be ready for don’t be the same mess one day. At least we should learn with this situations.


  • We usually don’t feel good next to them.
  • They show an imperative face.
  • You just should laugh when they laugh, and very carefully.
  • They say «I» every time like just they are working at that very moment («I don’t have chocolate cake today»).
  • When they see something they don’t like they ALWAYS ask «Who did this?» (like, let me know and I gonna fire him).
  • The way they do something is always the best and the right way.
  • They usually say «Go do this» or they just suggest, like «It’s needed to clean the floor» because they don’t know how to direct people.

Leader (or, in other words, what a boss might be)

  • Understand and help people.
  • Communicate with everyone, because they are part of the same team.
  • They say «We», because they are working for the same purpose.
  • They help when the situations become hard – they stay calm and direct people.
  • They explain you the situations and show you «Why».
  • They are people that accept suggestions because they know the progress is the best path.
  • They create a friendly environment while they direct people.

This is not a post to say your boss isn’t good or to say you’re a victim.

This is just a way to reflect and to work on the idea that one day we will do better. Until that, keep working.

Image – Florian Rey post-Twitter. Cover photo – jean wimmerli

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