Fake News – Are You Ready?

We can talk all night and all day about fake news and information.

I used to think «Information is everything» what now I do not agree.

But just to share a little bit of this rotten business I would like to share information.

I believe in The Telegraph newspaper and I read there that Xherdan Shaqiri, a football player, said: «The feeling that even Ronaldinho could do little in this team is sobering». Shaqiri is unhappy with the team’s moment. And for me, his phrase means the team is so bad at this moment that even a great player like Ronaldinho wouldn’t have a chance to make the difference.

In another website, you can read that Shaqiri said «Even Ronaldinho, retired, would have a better performance».

Unfortunately, I don’t know Shaqiri. And I did not watch a video of him saying one of this sentences so, I don’t know what he effectively said. But I bet what is right.

Some newspapers and websites just translate news from big newspapers.

Please, at least, translate it well.

Are you ready to chose the information? To select what is reliable? To read less but from good websites?

This is not easy because we are accustomed to reading a lot of information from all kind of websites. Maybe we will need to change this point.


Photo – Samuel Zeller on Unsplash.

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