If you need a Designer, hire a Designer

What a boss wants? Great quality using fewer resources.

A product or a service, but that’s the point.

The great part of the companies in Portugal is small or medium enterprises. This is not a problem. This, of course, means each people will do a different kind of tasks.

I am a Corporate Communication (or Business Communication) student. In all the jobs I had until now (waiter, shop cashier, football coach) I did a lot of things. No problem at all.

When people ask for people from Corporate Communication professionals (in Portugal, not in other countries) they frequently hope a designer. No, a Designer is specialized in design and a Communication student is specialized in analyzing information, anticipate behaviors, understand what is really necessary to maintain or change to have a coherent message, how to communicate with different people, who are those different people. I want to continue studying but I think a student from communication is useful if work with professionals from other areas.

Yes, there are students from communication with great design qualities. And there are doctors that play football very well what don’t mean they are professional football players.

Just a blurt and a thought.

– A Designer knows about the designer and can understand the why of the work, and link his work to a specific company

– A Communication student know the why and can understand the design aspects

Sure there are, and I, fortunately, know people with great design qualities from Communication.

But, the Corporate Communication course is not a design course (and not a multimedia or publicity course) so our outputs are just others, neither better, nor worst.

We just are not specialized in making videos, take photos or design logos. Like people from areas that know how to work these aspects, probably don’t know so much about the management and marketing aspects.

Neither better, nor worst – just different areas.



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