Can a love lesson change your Business?


I try don’t do that, but all around me is a way to think about business.

Love Lesson:

I was watching a Tony Robbins video «Why you’re single» (video below). Robbins ask for single men put them arm up. He chooses one. «If you are driving with the girl you are dating and she asks if you need to pe, what do you say?», «No,» the guy says.» and Tony Robbins explains – «This is why you’re a single guy. If a girl asks you, you have to know she probably needs.»

Then Robbins does a similar exercise with a girl. «If you ask a guy if he wants to date with you next  Friday and he says No, what do you think?», and the girl answers «He doesn’t like me; he does not want to date with me». Tony Robbins explains, probably this is why the girl is single. The guy just says No, and she started thinking a lot about it, making a story. Probably the guy just can not to date on That Friday and the answer doesn’t mean anymore.

Business Lesson:

– The girl asks «Do you need to pee?» and the guy just says «No».

– The girl asks the guy to date in a Friday and he says «No». She thinks she is the problem.

I think we have to opposite scenarios but we can learn with it:

– First, maybe your client doesn’t say you everything he is thinking about. Try to read his movements, is necessities and his changes. Normally there are clues to read.

– Second, if your client just stops to buy for you, maybe is not the end. Probably he isn’t saying he doesn’t like your product anymore but just saying he needs something different.

What I think in the future can be a good bet is to ask all employees to note down what they see and listen from clients because they are who are in the direct contact with them. After that, analyze all the suggestions and decide what can have an impact.

I think this will motivate the employees because they will feel part of the process and the progress. And it probably allows you to know what is happening and what your client is thinking. Anticipation can improve the results.

Thank you for your time, share your ideas!

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