Don’t Be a Shadow

Today I just will philosopher:

How many times you work hard and you hope to be praised? Sometimes we hope and we deserve it. Sometimes don’t.

I have been analyzing some businesses, most of all restaurants, and I am thinking about this:

  • How many restaurants do you know with great employees, working hard every day, doing a big effort but with a small profit? I mean, a normal restaurant, traditional food.
  • How many restaurants do you know with a specific kind of food, a thematic space, rude employees, rude boss but every time you’ll go there it is completely full?

First of all, I think the first one has high odds to perdure in the time. The second one has everything to be just a tendency.

In this specific case you have in the first case a great quality and in the second case you have lower quality BUT you have a restaurant with an amazing architecture or a great decoration.

In the traditional, you go to eat and you pay a fair price. In the tendency restaurant you eat, you pay a not fairly price and you have some great photos to put on your Instagram account. People will recognize you, people will admire you or simply not forget your existence.

What a ditch.

I think people from the traditional restaurants can try to follow up, maintaining the quality and communicate more. What actually is already running.

And I really think people from the other kind of restaurants should think: today this is cash on hand but is this sustainable?

Just to summarize, although you as yourself or as a company are doing a great work don’t forget – today, is so important to do a good job (to be sustainable in the time) as what you appear and show up!

Thank you, thank you and please say if you have a different opinion on this theme!
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Photo – Oscar Ivan Esquivel Arteaga on Unsplash

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