A Social Company made of Popsicles

Know well, flavors of Portugal and Brazil!

After I see Zé Picolé in some events I went to interview Ricardo França that started this project in 2014 to become real in 2016.

He studied Sociology and Sports, he worked as a socio-cultural animator and as an educative instructor in the sports area. Who is an entrepreneur is also a collector of business ideas. If you are an entrepreneur you know they appear as a flash and you think, Maybe one day.

In 2013 Ricardo was not successful in his application to continue to be a professor (this is common here) and then, the puzzle started. Not easy at all. It was at that time that Ricardo starts thinking about his business ideas.

In 2014, the Entrepreneur Social Institute (IES) helps Ricardo to start Zé Picolé.

The idea is simple – «to produce craft popsicles, 100% natural fruit, no chemicals or preservatives, with a free lactose range, other without sugar and another with no gluten.

But as you know, to start a company is necessary much more than ideas and that’s what develop you.

  • How to start a business with no money to invest?
  • What kind of brand will I create?
  • How can I reach my first clients?

Ricard found out how to do all of this – create contacts, talk with people, share ideas and build partnerships.

It was thanks to this arguments that he was successful in his first investment. A Fundraising supported by Gula4Good and then a Crowdfunding supported by IES.

In the beginning, Ricardo sold his popsicles in events. People liked it because the flavor, the texture, and the color were really different. And the price and quality were also balanced.

Ricardo needed a space to produce more, so he looked and found the perfect place – a local market. His own craft production unity, already certified. He wants to increase the distribution and have a place on the beaches. Ricardo also wants to be present at more events and street markets. Thinking about these steps, new flavors like the last one, mojito, are coming.

Good news – since this month there will be animation service.
If you will organize a party or an event call to Ricardo, Call to Zé Picolé!
Visit his website (under construction) and his Facebook page here.


«Popsicles for diabetic people, gluten intolerant, vegans and for those who want to stay in shape. There are no excuses. »

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