How to Start from Zero – Pau Marceneiros

I interviewed Pau Marceneiros in 2017. I wrote in Portuguese and now I would like to share it in English.

I knew the work of this team in a tv show, on RTP2 – Madeira Prima – this program shows the story of portuguese woodworkers.

I had to go to Lisbon and I tried to interview Pau Marceneiros.

After Lusíada college you get in a courtyard – smells like Lisbon – we are in the workshop of Pau Marceneiros.

Sérgio told me his own story. He worked around twenty years in an office where work video edition. He feels the need to manage his time better. He continued thinking about this idea, did some research and found a woodworking course. During the course he was doing wooden pieces.

The name of the company is like – wood bar woodworkers – Pau Marceneiros – Sérgio says «Wood bar is the minimum unity of woodwork», a simple piece but the base of everything.

In Pau Marceneiros the client is the heart of the business. What they ask, what they like. They call and they can say exactly what they want – then the company send them a technical draw and just when the client approve it, the work starts. All certified wood.

Sérgio also do restoration of wood furniture. In Pau Marceneiros all pieces are personalized but there are some repetitions –  the bicycle stand and the lamp that appeared on the tv show.

Besides that, this is a kind of work that makes everyday a different day.

When Sérgio started Pau Marceneiros was searching for time balance – that’s it, every time is time to be an entrepreneur and to have new ideas – but the motivation is different, peron to person.

With hard work, Pau Marceneiros was growing and now is a company recognized by the attention to details, quality and differentiation.

You can do a table, a chair or a bicycle stand –  your attitude doing that makes all the difference.

Take a look in Pau Marceneiros Facebook and know more about this fantastic work.

Photos – Pau Marceneiros

Cover photo by – Chris Barbalis on Unsplash


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