Looking for the right job

Sometimes we think we can have better.

A better job, car, house.

After work for two years at a coffee shop, then in a supermarket, I just thought I could to have a different kind of job to learn different things.  In Communication or Marketing, maybe.

Nothing. Time to go back.

I do not know if the perfect job really exists but I bet is better to do something with what we have instead of continuing waiting.

Working as an extra at many coffee shops and just trying to learn something from every place I work.

Different ways

  • to serve the clients
  • of how to perceive time management
  • to manage the resources
  • to manage people
  • to pay
  • to see how to make money – use discipline or just attack an opportunity because there is a trend
  • to use the team atmosphere

Hope this is part of the billionway.


Photo – Michael Godwin on Unsplash.

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