Last Semester

This is the last semester of my degree in Corporate Communication.

All we have to do a project or an internship.

I am lucky because I am part of a project in Porto Design Factory and I can use this project to finish my degree.

I would like to talk about what I have been doing for the last months.

I am in Challenge Based Innovation programme. From Porto we are two groups of three students – one from design, one from engineering and another from communication.

We are linking this three main points:

  • UN 12 sustainable development goal – Reduce production and consumption
  • Local problems
  • CERN Technology

We started to decide about the problem: we are trying to reduce de bad gases emissions produced by fridge/freezers.

When we were in CERN, in Geneva, we studied some of them technologies. We are thinking about the applicability of CO2 Integrated Cooling system. If we use CO2 to refrigerate we will pollute less.


Think about this:

A building with a CO2 system in the basement. This system link all the floors. In each apartment, you will not have a regular fridge/freezer made by iron or steel but just something like a closet inside the wall.

The big system will refrigerate by CO2 all the fridge/freezers of all the apartments.

This is just the main idea but with this, we believe we will reduce the pollution and the materials used in refrigeration. Maybe the electricity bill but we have no confirmation about it until now.

Take a look at our site and give us your feedback, please! 

Thank you!



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