Colossus Craft Beer – Behind the Scenes.

Behind a company, there is always a story. That’s what I like to know and that’s how I learn.

This last Saturday I went to Celta Endovélico, a great restaurant in Porto. Helmets, horns, armors and swords. I sat down at the balcony. A Colossus? Yes please.

I was there to meet João who created Colossus Craft Brewery. There was the launch of a new beer, Vasco.

We all know some people that say «I will have my own company». Well, João is maybe the opposite. He did not see himself on that way. But those who were around him were alert. A friend of João insisted that he participate in a kind of competition in Polytechnic of Porto – to have some classes about business and then create a company and compete with other projects all over the country. Craft beer. Second place, not bad!

João, who studied Marketing and Corporate Communication in ISCAP, continued working in different jobs. He believes that every kind of job or project we are in could be important to our future. João was a firefighter, worked as client supporter and was head in some projects in ISCAP.

Later, things went in a wrong way. He had an accident and had to stay with his arms still for a long time. He read a lot about craft beer during that time. Then, João participated in that competition – how to run a business plan and lauch a product. Craft Beer was the choice. He improved his health and started to do craft beer for his friends. The opportunity shows up.

The product was ready. The project was ready. The knowledge was there. Let’s start to knock on some doors. This was in 2014/2015 where most people neither knew what craft beer was. Craft beer? What’s the difference? Why do we have to pay more? People from coffee shops and restaurants did not understand.

João told me a story about one day he was knocking on some doors in Porto, trying to sell his own beer and receiving just «NO» all day long. It was raining. He was hungry . «This kind of situation is a hard test» he explains. «When you want to give up; when you have nothing to push you up». Sometimes if you give the next step after times like these you will succeed. The «Yes» came up.

João told me «starting a business is like eating glass» which I found hilarious. Although I never started one it seems very real to me. A lot of difficulties which test your resilience.

Colossus coincides with the rising of others craft beers. Usually amazing design labels. Colossus has a soft white & black package. The strong point is not the communication or marketing. Maybe even not the design (although it’s great). After I heard this story I understood why João succeeded

  • you Probably don’t like everything you do, all your jobs, all your tasks but this could be crucial because everything you do teaches you a lot.
  • If you like craft beer try Colossus. If you don’t like craft beer try Colossus. The flavor is really good.

Now Colossus is available in Portugal, North to South (see here where), Spain, France and England.

Keep working. Thank you João and Colossus Team!

Photos – Colossus Craft Brewery.

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