3 Podcasts you should listen

Today there is so much information that sometimes we don’t know what we should read, listen or watch.

I usually feel like «Maybe I would read more, study more, there are so many possibilities». But in other hand is not easy to choose what could worth or not.

There are three podcasts I frequently listen to. Take a look if you need new information:

  • HBR Idea Cast (from Harvard Business School) – who never dream study at Harvard? In each episode, there is a guest. The episodes are interviews with experienced people, sometimes teachers from HBS. Some examples: «Controlling your emotions during a negotiation», «Why leaders should make a habit of teaching», «How successful solopreneurs make money».
  • The Secret to Success – Karl Phillips, CJ Quinny and Eric Thomas lead this podcast. Eric Thomas is one of the most successful motivational speakers ever. These episodes are a conversation about why people are successful or not. Maybe this is not a scientific method but make you think about what else you can do.
  • Monocle – Monocle has different podcasts, and actually, they have one about entrepreneurship. You can search it on Monocle.com. They also have episodes about travels, inspirational people and inspirational projects. They always have great content.

Do you already listen to some interesting podcast? Give your feedback!




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