«Observador», where the new and old things stay together


Today is a different post day!

«Observador» is a new magazine in Portugal that presented some great brands – new artists are rising and old brands are rebuilding their patterns, new life is coming.

To write about this magazine I invited an expert – the blogger Rita Silva. Her blog is Go.Rita.Go where Rita write about everything you need to be inspired to live.

That’s what Rita think about «Observador».

“I found the first edition of «Observador» magazine by chance in one of my visits to Fnac, very close to the end of 2017.

What automatically capture my attention was the cover page: a clean style with a pretty photo and the little magic words: create, buy, remember, get out and eat!

Is not a lie the slogan that says 148 pages about the best Portuguese creativity: I found projects with much value and talent of people that don’t stop to go against the destiny and transform their passion in their lifestyle. I saw recognized the work of some people that I was already following for a few years, as Ana Morais (Casulo) and Célia Esteles (Gur). Furthermore, they are a great example of dedication and success. They are also an inspiration for who are walking in the limbus between changing their lives and the fear of what’s next.

The «Observador» is the result of the good work of the editing team of the homonymous newspaper have been doing in the section lifestyle since two years ago. That’s why who have been following the newspaper are not surprised about the quality of this magazine.


I also have to say I finished to read this magazine full filled: is wonderful to see that after a crisis that made us pessimists and sad, this country is flourishing new ideas. What a proud Portugal! There are old brands completely refreshed (Claus Porto, Burel, Bordal Pinheiro, Couto, Cutipol, and Arcádia). And there are also new brands using the old wise and knowledge, converting all this to great and unique products (Fine and Candy, Manjerica, Undandy, Eureka, Fausinas). To meet the history beyond the labels was a pleasure. A clean writing with really good photos and an excellent editing and design work.

«Observador» is an annual publication, costs 4,9€ but you will find this is a symbolic price, even when we can compare directly with other international editions that cost twice.

I recommend you buy your magazine «Observador»: you will not regret!”

Thank you for your opinion, Rita!


Photo – Rita Silva, Go.Rita.Go.

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