Design Factories (!)

I remember when I was five years old. I painted some wooden sticks and I ask my mum to make an exhibition and sell it (never happened). When I was nine years old I wanted to do to a garage sale. When I was fifteen I constructed a mini fan. When I was eighteen years old I tried to be a particular teacher and when I was nineteen I tried to start a catering company.

A lot of failures, really. But a Design Factory is about that.

Design Factory Global Network is a network of innovation hubs located in universities and research organizations.  The mission is to improve the way of learning – find the problem, use the design thinking method and find a solution.

There are many projects in collaboration with reference companies like Nokia, Sonae, and Silampos.

The companies detected some needs for their customers and the students of Design Factories, in multidisciplinary and usually multicultural teams, try to find a solution.

There are 20 Design Factories – Santiago, Helsinki, Shangai, Melbourne, Geneva, Porto (Welcome!), Seoul, Leeuwarden, Riga, Philadelphia, New York, Ankara, Bogota, Valencia, São Paulo, Cali, Hamilton, Warsaw, Barcelona, and Ghent.

Design Factories are platforms for experimentation and co-creation. There are also projects involving many Design Factories.

This is not just about working – is about celebrate, visit countries. Maybe you can see a presentation from someone from Silicon Valley. Maybe you can have a lesson about Business Model. Everything about innovation, entrepreneurship, and co-creation is possible here!

If you are not afraid to fail and you want to learn more, do an experiment, join a Design Factory.


Photos – Porto Design Factory Facebook Page

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