Freakloset – When the Past is the Future

Do you know Portugal is a country with footwear tradition?
But wait. This is not just a historic fact. Good things are born!

Joana Lemos founded Freakloset in 2016. Of course, there is a story behind, a billionway.

Joana tried to study Medicine but she did not enter the university. Stand still or come up with new ideas. Let’s study Management. Joana arrived in Lisbon, forgot Medicine and in the second year of the degree found a love – Marketing.

A postgraduate in Design related to shoes, other in Graphic Design in New York were two of the next steps, as well as study Marketing in ESADE, Barcelona.

Delighted about classics, Joana found a slot in the market. She really likes to customize her pieces. But to customize, there were websites too soft and others too hard and complexes.

At first, were created seven classic models – flat shoes («Derby», «Oxford», «Monk» and «Loafer») and three boots («Chelsea boots», «Neoboot» and with laces).

The main point is to link classic models to actual needs, do something innovative. So, these classic models, all handmade are now customizable.

The Freakloset shoes are available in Portugal, in the Netherlands, and in the USA in shops and available online for all world.

The brand is focused since the beginning in globalization and in the expansion to several markets. Joana has been working on this idea for years. She really understands the need in the market. A simple need, but surely something that can make a difference.

One year ago, Freakloset worked in partnership with SIBLING and presented itself at London Fashion Week. Then, the brand appeared in magazines as Bloomberg, Vogue, The Huffington Post and GQ. This is just incredible in such a short time.

Freakloset is a smart-casual brand offering a truly bespoke customer experience.

The problems were not the end but just the beginning of this adventure. A lot of studies and effort to know more. An eye in the future of the market.

Try here to customize your future shoes!


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All the photos are from the Facebook Page of Freakloset.

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