20-70-10 Differentiation

Jack Welch was CEO of General Electric for 20 years.

During that time he showed how to be a leader. He reached great results and really understood how could make progress with people – encourage and compensate workers who work. But this is not all.

20-70-10 is like a scale to know what to do and how to help people and get the work done. I will try to explain!

20 – Welch believes that if you are the manager, you should treat the 20’s like stars. «Make them feel loved, hug them, give them cash, give them rewards in the soul and wallet.» These are people who do a great job, people that are ready and you should make them feel it – with promotions, with opportunities. It’s important don’t let this kind of workers doing the same thing forever. Take care of them, push them up, show them how they can continue to evolve.

70 – these people need a path to becoming an A. Show them they can be in the 20’s. If you don’t take care they could go to the 10’s. Puh them up to have more people doing a good job.

10 – you have to tell them your company is not the right place for them. Is time to go over and find another job. «Take some time, take several months, we are not firing you today. We are telling you are not going to get a raise, you are not going to get a promotion, your days here are numbered, move on. »

Of course, you want to have a good team but you don’t want to do it unfairly or cruelly. You don’t have to do it in one day. The exit is really important, coach these people, help them to find another job, you don’t want them angry.

Jack Welch developed some theories about how to deal with people. If you need some help to lead a team, read some articles about his work.


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