The Shoe that Grows

Maybe you will achieve your self-realization when you aim one million dollars, or when you finally can travel the world, or even when you can help people.

One day in Kenya, Kenton Lee noticed that the girl next to him had really small shoes for her size.

So, the design thinking started – «What if…? What if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand – so kids always had a pair of shoes that fit?»

Then, Kenton returned to the United States and started to pitch his idea about «The shoe that grows» to several companies.

It was 2007 and companies were not crazy trying to show their social responsibility, so, none of them showed interest.

Next step? Assemble a team and start to create prototypes.

Five years later, after a lot of hard work and experimentations, the idea had become reality.

A simple idea – a shoe with two kinds of buckles, adaptable, thanks to the persistence of a single man and know, thanks to a great team.

An idea that can make a difference to so many people.

Know more about this project here.

Photos – Facebook The Shoe that Groes

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