For US army, for you – The Eastpak story

This story begins in the military. But why?

The company starts in 1952 as Eastern Canvas Products making tough gear for the US army.

In 1970 the same tough gear was found on the shoulders of college kids, as a normal bag, to carry their books.

It was 1976 when Eastpak designed the daypack as we know it today.

The daypack was so durable and strong (remember the tough gear?) that in 1984 they decide to offer a 30-year warranty, exactly like in our days.

Two years later they became the first to take bright colors and prints to canvas bags.

In 1999 Eastpak add wheels to soft luggage, and once again, the first company to do that.

Since those days they work hard the design with important artists.

That’s the story. A story with parts we probably didn’t know. But what we think about Eastpak? Simple but really tough bags.

They understand the opportunity. If they look at those kids that started to use their military bags and just did a post on Facebook, today we could not have the Eastpak.

After they understand and catch the opportunity and instead think about diversification in a large scale, they focus on the bags we see today and work the design. It is true, we know about other kinds of bags from Eastpak, but I think they were really focus on their main product and their main benefit – strong bags, as ever.

I think this is a great story and make us think about products today. Should we really try to embrace a lot of different areas or is time to stay and improve what we already have?



Photo – Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash.

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