Study Business – around the world

If you love Business and all around the business you probably already thought about to study in some universities around the world.

We know there are a few references.

Look at some possibilities you have and start think about it right now.

  • Harvard Business School – MBA, two years full-time program, focusing on real-world practice, using case-methods which puts students as a decision maker like when you work in a real organization (registrations for 2020 program have already started)
  • Yale University – Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society. This degree can provide you the best tools to work in a global organization.
  • MIT – The MIT Sloan MBA is all about invention. There you will find out the future interests and challenges. There is space for curious people. The goal? Create the future.
  • Stanford – Master Science Management degree. This programme offers experienced leaders, one year in a full-time programme.
  • Cambridge – MPhil in Innovation, Strategy, and Organisation. This degree has three main themes interconnected – innovation and work practices, innovation and strategic change and organization theory.
  • Oxford – Postgraduate in Organisational Leadership – This degree will prepare you to navigate as a leader in the complexities of 21st-century business.

Maybe it looks impossible right now but if they exist, you can do your registration and try.

Good Luck!


Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash.

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