Non motivated? 4 (almost) Impossible Stories

  • Ralph Lauren
    Dropped out of school to join the army. Then, worked as a clerk.
    Fortune – $6.4 Billion (Ralph Lauren Founder)
  • Do Won Chang 
    He worked as a janitor, gas station attendant and in a coffee shop at the same time before he moved to America.
    Fortune – $5.4 Billion (Forever 21 Founder)
  • John Paul Dejoria
    He lived in his car when was a door to door shampoo seller.
    Fortune – $3.2 Billion (Patrón Tequila Founder)
  • Howard Shultz
    Grew up in a charity institution.
    Fortune – 2.9 Billion (Starbucks Founder)That’s not important the money they make. The key point is the turnaround.@bizprivy information.


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