Starbucks – how to transform Waste in Profit

After so many Porto people’s tears and complaints about «Starbucks, only in Lisbon», Porto has already two.

An incredible coffee, North American style and prices from another place.

Now, Starbucks is more than that, is a brand and an experience that teleports us to another reality.

But this company is more than great coffee. They are concerned about the waste, the quality of the products and the place they come from.

Starbucks proved the waste can be profit, depending on the story we tell and the importance we give it.

Coffee grounds, certainly tens of kilos per day, packed and offered to the customers, as fertilizer for home plants.

With this idea, Starbucks is getting closer to the public. Not because they are offering coffee grounds but because are they prooving its concern about the environment and lifestyle is real.


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