Suzy Welch knows how you can get ahead

How can we learn more about our job?

Suzy Welch is a writer, journalist and she was publisher in Harvard Business Review. She published some books by herself and others with her husband, Jack Welch, General Electric chairman for almost 40 years.

Mrs. Welch says she knows how we can get ahead in our job.

The workers are all different. Stress resistance, attitude and work capacity are some skills that make people different.

What else we gonna do? The most difficult thing. Be trusted.

“You need to be trusted by your managers and by your coworkers.” – says Suzy Welch. First of all, we have to do well what we know. But there are other things we can do.

“Silo jumping, or taking a bird’s eye view of your company” is asking for professional help when you don’t know how to do a job.

You have to do «extra hours» sometimes, being interesting in other silos (groups). When we do that, our coworkers will perceive we respect their work and we care about that. This situation creates a relationship and they will trust us.

Suzy Welch gives an example – A great senior communications manager at a leading pharma company, talk to shareholders and press. But in the meetings, she only understands 50% of a conversation about the financial part. It was when she decided to understand about finances with her coworkers’ specialists in that area – she learned and her coworkers started to trust her, understanding she cared about them and she needs them.

This is a very simple idea but could help us to develop any work we have to do.


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