Sleaford Mods? What is that?

A great symbol of irreverence for some people, unrecognized for others. Andrew Fearn and Jason Williamson are the voice of real life that everyone pretends don’t see.

This unknown famous live in Nottingham and they are in the mid-40’s. They are not concerned about to have the best haircut in Europe nor in his next waxing appointment.

Sleaford were born in 2006 and Andrew Fearn decided to be part of its path in 2012.

“It’s great that I don’t have to work now,” says Williamson to The Guardian, “but I did go through a period of feeling really guilty about it. I missed having the routine – clocking on and off, going out in the morning with your coffee in your hand, getting the bus to work.”

Jason writes about routine, day-to-day, about who has a job that doesn’t like, about who pays his taxes. He also writes about negligence, xenophobia, and politics. This is about austerity, the working-class and about what we only talk on our lunch table when we can’t do more than that.

What gives life to Jason’s voice is his will and his accent, the accent from who growth in Grantham, from the United Kingdom bowels. The sarcasm is his weapon, every time razor-sharped, giving voice to who cannot be heard.

After all, this voice needed company, a background beat. This is what Andrew does – a coordinated beat, inch by inch – while Jason effusively sings and feel each word pronounced, Andrew clicks play in his beats, live the music and drink beer.

«The world’s greatest rock’ n’ roll band», says Iggy Pop, «I never heard about them» is what some people still saying.

Sleaford Mods make a real difference in our world, full of bands and singers focused on satisfying wills and to appease – all them writing and singing about the same ideas and points of views.

Thank you, Sleaford!

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