Autoeuropa – Difficulties to see the children

Autoeuropa is a company which produces automobiles and has been on the market for twenty years.

Newly, their workers were invited to switch their work schedule. Before that, they were theirs days-off at the weekend. If someone decided to help the company on Saturday, the company pay them very well for that.

What happens now?

The proposal is that everyone has one day-off on Sunday. That’s fair – religious or not, Sunday is the rest day, is the mass day, is the family day. Ok, and the other day-off? Rotating.

Two days-off, one is Sunday, the other is when it’s possible. It is not a dream, but I am sure that’s not a nightmare.

To know something about the theme, I saw Prós e Contras on TV (a TV debate program in Portugal).

Besides this point, Autoeuropa workers will be to do rotating shift work. Do you believe? Two days off, just one fixed and rotating shift work. During the debate, a lady, who speaks very well, was the first to talk. It seems that the World Health Organization consider dangerous to human health this kind of schedule – reduces the average life expectancy. And could increase the risk of cancer. You could see what says Reuters, Science Daily and American Psychological Association.

An outraged voice emerge and questioned, «Doing this kind of work, doing rotating shift work, how could people see their children?». Bonjour and welcome to the world of who doesn’t have a great job, my friend.

Someone refer the people who work in restaurants and hotels.

Once again, rotating shift work. Nobody refers that the greatest part of that people only have one day-off, don’t receive paid extra hours, don’t receive their extra hours in days-off, and really do a different schedule (in Portugal, in this jobs, we do something like 12h00 – 15h00 and then you come back and do 19h00 -23h00 for example.) This people receive maybe €525. Talk to them about rest. Offer them Sunday day-off and another rest day. In fact, talk to them about going to the bathroom in peace. They will think they are in the paradise.

But I think here is the main point – «Even if in other jobs they don’t have great conditions to work and rest, if the automobile industry has that, have to fight for them, and maintain that conditions».

True. I don’t think the Autoeuropa workers should accept fewer benefits just because other jobs don’t have that. I think the people about other sectors should fight more and more to improve their work conditions and benefits.


Oscar Keys, New Zealand – photo

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