Do you need motivation to work?

All we have to work. Everyday. The dream would be to enjoy the work you do. But when that’s not possible, you have to turn around.

You know, sometimes you have to look for motivation in the deep dark.

I don’t say it because I don’t like my job –

The day is shiny when you have to serve two hundred (friendly) people.

Is wonderful hear «pii»every time I pick up something – sometimes when I pick up something in home I stay sad because I don’t hear the «pii».

And of course, I love to question everybody if they have «the card».

The best is to question if people want a bag. What a question!


Back to the theme – motivation.


You look around – «What am I doing here?» ; «I am not learning nothing in this place» ; minutes later, you are questioning the meaning of your life. Let’s try to change this situation!


  • Question – you know, there is a big chance to send you back home in the end of your contract. So, question everything to everybody. Learn what is possible with you work colleagues.
  • Understand – when your chief or colleague ask you to do something, question why it have to be like that. Try to understand the mechanisms and routines of the tasks you do.
  • Suggest – we will not suggest all the time. But we could imagine at least – if I would do this in other way how could it be? How could I make this task fastest? How can I increase our efficiency?
  • Compare – In your work lace everything is «like this». How is it in the other companies? Can you learn with the competition? Do you think your chiefs would learn with the competition?

That are just ideas. But try is free! Let’s see if the time flies!

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