Do you need a travel time?

Artigo em português.

It was hearing Iggy Pop I enter in Alambique.

Hi Susana, Hi Luís, I want to know Alambique! This is like that. Let’s go, what a pleasure.

Is Alambique a Caffé?
Is Alambique a design shop?
Is Alambique a retro decoration shop?

Yes, Alambique is this and much more.

This place was born in 2016 and at the moment is taking its firt steps. Susana e Luís came from plastic arts, communication design and from de books. Open a space «was ever an idea», the projet was defined during the time.

The Alambique is already created butt not finished. This project is defined every single day for who work there and for who visit it – «is like a house» – there are used and new books, Planeta Tangerina illustrations, crockery, Beija-Flor or Firmo notebooks.

Alambique is a beautifully house. It was the interest for design, illustrations, books and also the kindness for vintage and traditional pieces. The resulted in this project.

There are friendliness.
There are exhibitions.
There are craft coffe Vernazza, good conversation and Bon Iver voice leavinga Marshall.

Alambique, Rua Formosa, 214 – Porto.


Photos – Alambique

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