Ó Catraaaio!

Seems like yesterday. It was a baby.  They don’t stop to grow. The truth is this Catraio (a Porto’s slang for kid) is already two years old!

As long as you walk and investigate, you will never completely know Porto – a city where development is the keyword. But there are imperative stopping places.

It was in Cedofeita that was born the first craft brewery of Porto – is Catraio – Craft Beer Shop.

The pathway is easy, you go to Cedofeita Street, continue straight until you see an esplanade with great atmosphere. Inside, you see tourists and locals, you see shelves full of beers, you see an aqua blue fridge; is a big sufficient space to provide you an exceptional experience – you have just arrived in the craft beer paradise.

I was there to meet Ricardo and Bia, who showed me how a hobby could be transformed in a business.

They traveled together and the interest of craft beer didn’t stop to grow – in each city they visited, they tried to know the local beer – and it was in a bar, in Sevilla, where for the first time they thought «We could do this for the rest of our lives» – not stay in a bar in Sevilla drinking beer (what could be interesting), but start their own bar, a craft beer shop. The dream became a project and the project became reality.

A project which mission is much than serve beers:

In Catraio the wager is really in the craft beer, they feel the philosophy besides the concept. Malt, hop, water and yeast, Ricardo knows extensively the creation process of craft beer, since the production until the first sip.

More than a bar, Catraio is a project that involves people and brands. In the beginning, there were Sovina, Letra, Anphora, Vadia or Maldita, but now exist a diversified wager. Catraio gives a chance to other brands that were growing and wanted to prove their value.

«We have been growing as the craft beer gown». Because of that, the development is to continue – «The quality has been becoming better and better». New brands (locals) continue to show up, as D’os Diabos, Vandoma, Colossus and Burguesa.
If still someone doubts that really exist big differences between an industrial beer and a craft beer, go to Catraio!
Rua de Cedofeita, 256.


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